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We don’t have much, but what we do have is pretty nice :) #NewBrunswick 🌿🌾🌻🌳🏊 (at Nature)


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chaos and kindness

early morning
hop on the wrong bus
have a giggle about it
venture across the city
asleep on my feet
crossing closed roads
halifax is getting a face lift it seems
localsource, eggs for me, bread for millie
thank you 
westward bound for breakfast
almost lunch time by now
scramble, toast, salad
aloe for annie’s back
yesterday’s sun was too generous at the baseball game
away with you, go to cape breton
hop on my bike and head to the tattoo shop
leaves and berries
rosewater breath
movement and timing
stretch my legs
some water
saniderm, blowing my mind
prosthetic scab? handy.
back home and Lindley visits
sings a song before gottingen
new truck
bump bump vroom
rice and crappy nachos
run into samson and jill and rebecca and molly and keltie and flower
movies now but i always sleep
I never make it through the whole thing
or even half of it


Sea Shanties. #illustration #lettering #eastcoast #novascotia #halifax #tw #moleskine #pilotpen #inkdrawing #drawing #art #penandink #sea #nautical #atlantic #maritimes #ocean #sailing #sailor #ship

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