Mother & Calf Humpbacks coming up from a dive 🐋 (at Bay of Fundy)

We had a really cute boat crew (at Bay of Fundy)

Sunrise, sunrise
Rolling fog (at Whale Cove Campground)

land before time IIV on VHS (at Whale Cove Campground)

Major emphasis on coffee (at How We Do)

Lots of superstar humpbacks today. Other highlights include Atlantic puffins and tacos for dinner. I also ate a hotdog with spaghetti sauce. (at whale lyfe)


Boat babe: Reef 🐠

~*~field season~*~ (lol I’m half kidding) (at Ocean)

humpback tale fluke 😍 (at Atlantic Ocean)

Mother & calf Humpback whales showing off 🐋🐳 (at Digby Neck)