I made a cheese plate with prosciutto and I’m drankin a craft cider…… WHO AM I? WHO AM I PRETENDING TO BE?

Just kidding, I actually love all of these things… but for lack of sounding like a doucher, I will only tell you, Tumblr.

It’s been a month of mandalas - my friend will have this tatted soon 🌀

Hey look what I did for my fave band of all time #regram from @stephkerzner

Noo doo 💇💆
Thnk u @obb4e 💕


My life.

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Chkn’n’wfflz 4 bfast (at The Stubborn Goat Gastropub)

mandala #2 - someone get me a ruler and a protractor plz

Come on October!! 🎓

We’re like plants.

You start in a small pot.

But you’ll never really grow until you’ve been replanted outside.