Came acrossΒ this article on ways you’re being unfaithful that featured this lovely paragraph:

  • 8. Not being a willing sexual partner with your spouse

    Being faithful to your spouse means giving yourself over to him or her to enjoy the intimate side of your marriage. To withhold sexual intimacy from your spouse if not doing your part in keeping your marriage strong and fulfilling. It creates sorrow and even suspicion. Being a faithful spouse means doing your part to make it a beautiful relationship in all aspects.

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I think I just started a new series.

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Uhn, god damn, how real is this? πŸ’°πŸš¬πŸ”« (at ~ gangsta’s paradise ~)


I made a cheese plate with prosciutto and I’m drankin a craft cider…… WHO AM I? WHO AM I PRETENDING TO BE?

Just kidding, I actually love all of these things… but for lack of sounding like a doucher, I will only tell you, Tumblr.

It’s been a month of mandalas - my friend will have this tatted soon πŸŒ€

Hey look what I did for my fave band of all time #regram from @stephkerzner

Noo doo πŸ’‡πŸ’†
Thnk u @obb4e πŸ’•


My life.

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